Why won’t she call you back? There are many reasons why a girl won’t call or text you back, so first I’ll go a through the reasons then I’ll help you understand how to not be worried in the first place.

  1. She’s just not interested in you – unfortunately it’s a lot easier just to not write back to someone if you’ve realised you’re not into them. It’s a lot more difficult to tell someone face to face or over the phone. For more info see How do you know if a girl is interested in you ?
  2. She hasn’t got the time to pursue a relationship at the moment – If this is true she liked you but you just haven’t ticked enough of her boxes for her to give up her routine for you.
  3. Death or life changing experience – Something major has happened in her life and unfortunately for you the timing is bad. It’s highly unlikely she will want to pursue anything with you.
  4. She recently broke up with her boyfriend – She probably is all over the place in her head, put your best foot forward but I wouldn’t be bothered if she stop’s calling or texting you she’s just not ready for another relationship.
  5. Her phone is broken or she has lost it – This is extremely rare but it does happen, that’s why you should never jump to conclusions.

Honestly If a girl doesn’t message or call you back It’s not a big deal. When you first meet a girl you don’t want to build it up in your head to much especially in the beginning you just want to enjoy it and have fun =). Why am I writing this you may ask? Because most of the time we are so worried when someone doesn’t message or call it’s because we’ve built up sleeping with or dating this girl so it like a life or death thing. Take a step back and realise you are awesome and have fun when texting and dating new people. Know your value and don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the outcome you desired, there are always plenty more fish in the sea ;).

When texting and calling girls don’t get upset if they don’t text you back straight away, just send the message. If you haven’t herd back from them in 3 days sent another text and then a week later if still no response drop it it’s not going to happen. ( these texts should be light and fun being a dick wont get you anywhere). For more help read How do I text a girl.

Question sent in by Ken C