If you can get to the first date that’s a great thing. You may have to go on a few dates to get good at them especially if your putting pressure on yourself to make a good impression or if your expectations are high. The first thing I want to do when I go on a date is have  fun =) if you’re having a good time then she most likely will as well. When in conversation I like to think of 3 types of things to talk about.

1.Some general conversation, how’s your day been? Get up to any mischief? If she has had a bad day listen but get off topic as soon as possible, if she talks about negative stuff latter on she may associate those feelings with you.

2.Passions, It’s good to talk about things she loves and hobbies and things you love and your hobbies. Always remember to listen so you can relate and respond, if your mind is in la la land you will have nothing to say when its your turn to speak.

3.Future or leading, conversation about a future meet up or date hopefully about something you have been discussing on your date. That’s why no2 is important it can give you ideas about what to do on your next date.

Always try and keep the conversation light and fun =), with some friendly banter or playful teasing.
If your funny great use it but if that’s not your thing don’t worry be yourself and enjoy it remember you’re not a clown and it’s not your job to entertain her. There’s a good chance if your nervous she will be to so if the conversation isn’t flowing don’t get discouraged just talk about things you enjoy, travel, music, favourite movies can always be good =).

This question was asked by Joel

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