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Personal Development Books

Below are some fantastic resources to help you find the perfect woman. We personaly have read these books and think they offer alot of usfull information. Enjoy reading and learning all about the art of love. Should you find one of these helped you more than the other please do not hesitate to let us know. Send us an email, we would love to hear from you.

Building a Better Bloke

This Book is great for the man who wants to build an all-round awesome life for yourself. Sam helps you with relationship advice both romantic and around friendship, work, hobbies and how to feel good and respect yourself and others. If you genially want to get some perspective on how to change your life for the better this is a great book. It’s actually one of those books you can read a few times and also pass on to a friend it’s that good.

The Way of the Superior Man

The thinking man’s book on how to become a better man. I was recommended this book by at least two other friends and it was defently worth purchasing, the first half of this book in particular was a real eye opener. If you are having problems with your masculinity and as a whole feel without a purpose I recommend reading this book.

Sincere Seduction: Using Honesty & Integrity To Attract Women

If you have no idea on how to attract a woman this book is for you. Damien walks you through ideas and situations with his expert knowledge helping any afc to get better results with women. The best thing about this book is it has some soul it’s aimed at the guy that wants to get dates and have relationships not just the guy that wants to bed 100’s of women. I think in some ways this book has the best elements in it out of all the books added to this page well worth the $$$.

Comedy Writing Secrets

Comedy writing secrets is a great book on finding your funny. If you want to work on your sense of humour and comedic timing this is the book for you. Some of you may be reading this and be thinking why do I want to be funny? Well you don’t have to be but it doesn’t hurt to be able to make people laugh which is a massively attractive personality trait to have. When I first read this book I was actually surprised on how awesome this book was it was outstanding and really allowed me to develop and deliver my humour without sounding like a weirdo.

What Every Body Is Saying

If you want to be an attractive man your body language has to communicate that. This book helps you create better body language habits plus read other people’s body language better. It’s very simple when someone looks at you they can have you figured out even before you speak so you want to start working on body language immediately and this book holds the key on working out your bad habits and replacing them with good ones so whenever anyone looks at you they go shit look at that awesome dude.

The Natural: How to Effortlessly Attract the Women You Want

This is also a beginner’s guide on learning how to attract women. The best thing about this book is its very simple, Richard give clear informative information that works. If you have had no success with women in your life you could pretty much read it practice it for a few months and have dramatic results. The book covers body language, mindsets, conversational styles and physical interactions.