How many dates before we’re exclusive?
Somewhere in the 2000’s things went crazy with dating, maybe it’s the introduction of online dating or the total loss of innocence in society but its defiantly more difficult to get into an exclusive relationship. I don’t think personally you can put an amount of dates on it, if I was going to give a time frame I’d say 3 Months, around about the 3 month mark you should know if she is someone you would like to be in a relationship with and she should also know if your someone she would want to be exclusive with. When it comes to being exclusive with someone you first need to know what type of dating relationship you are in. If your F-buddy’s don’t hold your breath it will ever be anything more than sex, never go into a causal relationship like this thinking they will change there mind have some self-respect for your time and your worth. If you’re often ending up dating girls that can’t commit be clear in the beginning, ask “what are you looking for in a relationship at the moment”. If they can’t answer in a way that lets you know they are actual looking for a possible long-term partner if your compatible Then don’t think there just going to change their mind. If  you are asked the same question be honest and say I’m looking for a long term relationship if I find a connection with someone, she may get turned off but not to worry if that’s what you’re really after just be honest there is no need to lie to yourself. Dating relationship needs to be somewhat romantic as in both people putting some effort into seeing each other and going on fun dates together and really just wanting to be with each other. At the end of the day Dating is Fun try to let go of outcomes and enjoy the ride it will make it so much more enjoy able on your journey.

Question asked by Rick R