How do I confirm a date?

If you have ever had the problem of being stood up on a date it’s most likely because you haven’t confirmed the date correctly. In my experience you want to plan the date 3 to 7 days from when you’re asking. Always stay flexible to work around your plans and hers so you can make the date happen. If it is the first date you are planning, let her know while you are talking to her that you want to take her out so she knows you’re keen. Then in the first lot of texts you send say something like “We should catch up for coffee on Thursday” Friday is never really a good day for first dates, I’ve always liked mid-week. Once she confirms on a day she can be available (you may have to be flexible, but don’t blow off some awesome thing you always do. this just forms a bad habit). Message her the day before the date and make sure she’s good. People can forget if its to far away in the future so always best to send a reminder text. Just something positive, use some humour if you have any, and remember to clarify the time.

Setting the next dates should be easier, on every date future project the next date so she knows you are keen to catch up again. This also allows you to plan fun dates that you both will enjoy =). At least for the first 3 date’s I’d probably get confirmation but if you are messaging and talking regularly this should not be an issue.

Question asked By Joey K