How do I get her phone number? do I just ask?

Yep that’s pretty much it. Yeah I know it sounds to good to be true but it’s pretty much that simple.

I always think the best thing about asking a girl for her phone number is it takes away any dwelling on the what ifs. You have cleared up any head space, because it was either a yes or a no. If no move on to the next girl, if yes then organise a first date. If you know the girl just ask her about her hobbies or things she likes then just ask her, would you like to go see _______ or go and do__________ or even we should catch up for a cawfee_________ if the answer is Yes then ask her for her number.

If you have just met the girl then this scenario should still work. If you don’t know the girl and have never met it can be a little more challenging.

Scenario 1: your Perfect Women is just walking down mall, what do you do?
In my opinion you want to make a genially organic meeting  no stupid rehearsed lines , but if you lack the confidence or the social skills to do so you may need to remember a few things. Big Smile and confident body language Hi I just noticed you and you look________ (cute) insert complement, im ______(Frankenstein) insert your name. Then talk about anything situational you can think of or is relevant to where you are.

Scenario 2: She is at a store or event
Just try and start a conversation organically because you honestly just want to take an interest in a fellow human being, no ulterior motives or forward thoughts  of the future Just simple organic conversation =).

Scenario 3: You’re at the Bar / Night club
Conversation is usually more natural at the bar, my thoughts are if you’re both at the bar just have fun and talk about the things you like or she likes or why either of you are there. there is only usually two reasons you ask a girl for her number at the bar. One you’re gauging her level of interest, so you ask and then get it and keep talking as usual. Or 2 you have to leave or she has to leave in these cases say ive had fun we should catch up for_________ what’s your number.

Always remember it is better to ask poorly and get a no then dwell on what if’s, it leaves you free to move on with a clear mind. You should be proud of yourself regardless of outcome because it has taken you one step closer to finding your Perfect Woman =)

P.S. Please Smile and try and make this fun it makes it more comfortable for both you and her.