Are girls more attracted to Jocks or Gentlemen? Good question.. To answer quickly I’d say Yes women are defiantly more attracted to alpha males and usually it’s the more attractive girls that like them as well. But it doesn’t really matter because there is still a large amount of girls that will go for a gentleman over jocks. I think what it comes down to is initial attraction more alpha types of males will generate more attraction quickly based on body language, confidence and not giving a shit. Where as gentlemen are a lot less likely to put on an upfront show being a lot more respectful and more likely not  to stand out as much. The most important thing is to embrace you and be super happy about what an awesome legend you are if you love yourself and get excited about the life you live you will generate an attractive persona anyway. Also when some people say Bad boy Vs Nice guy also think Strong Vs Weak, you can be a nice guy, you can be a gentleman, you can be a geek but remember this if you want to attract the girl never be weak.

Question asked by Adam

Dating Coach Australia