We are a couple who met online and we decided to get together to share ideas and stories about How to Find the Perfect Woman. We are not siociologist experts or psychologist we are just normal people with a passion about relationships, interactions between the sexes and wanted to share our own theories, ideas and information we have gathered over the years in the hope that someone out there has a great laugh or a good read on our website. Two people sharing what has worked for us and other peoples stories we have met along the way about find the ONE. We do not guarantee anything here and all advice is given with the intention of helping men find the Perfect girl for them if there is such a thing. Hopefully you will enjoy some of the funny dating stories, take part in the quizzes and learn some things about life, love and dating. Who knows maybe this website will lead you to finding true love or whatever it is you are looking for in the perfect woman.

Enjoy our pages, share with your friends if you find anything interesting and let us know if there is additional information you would like us to add or investigate for you or feedback. We would love to hear your own stories if you would like to share.  Email us here

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Just remember nobody really is Perfect!

Mike and Von

(pic from our first date)